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Cheap and Convenient Freight and Parcel Services from the US to Vietnam

If you have been wondering how you can conveniently and safely ship or send packages from the US to Vietnam, worry no more. I have taken my time and gathered some of the best and economical ways you can do just that! Should I mention that I have included services that allows you to track the whereabouts of your package every single step of the way till it gets to its destination? Maybe I should just let you go through the various options and figure out which best suits your package. Now let's get to what you are specifically looking for on this page; how to ship packages from the US to Vietnam?

There are three ways you can conveniently send your package from the U.S to Vietnam. Through Planet Mail Express, through FedEx international, through the United States Postal service (USP) and lastly through the DHL Express Worldwide.

  1. Planet Mail Express.

Planet Mail Express is one of the most affordable ways of sending packages from the U.S to Vietnam. So, if you have limited funds and need to send a package to Vietnam, look no further than Planet Mail Express. However, you only need to consider this option only when time is not a factor. This is because sending packages to Vietnam through Planet Mail Express can take between 10 to 15 days depending on the package selected (1 week longer than other available options).

Sending a package from U.S.A to Honoi, Vietnam costs $14.6 for a package weighing 0.5kg and measuring 25x18x10cm. The price is likely to change depending on the weight and the size of the package. Even with low prices, customers still get the option to track their parcels. All the deliveries made by Planet Mail Express are organized and managed by the local post office. It is advisable to check the list of items that are prohibited by the courier. For example, items such as DVDs, or credit cards are considered inappropriate.

FedEx International

FedEx International is the second cheapest option you can get. However, the package you can send is limited to 68 kilograms and the dimensions up to 130 inches. The good thing is that the courier offers tracking services that allows customers to track the whereabouts of their packages through Master Tracking number.

FedEx International has been divided into two;

FedEx Priority International.

This is the priority option when using FedEx. It offers a faster and reliable alternative of delivering packages to Vietnam through FedEx. Of course, you will have to pay extra for the services which includes a notification upon the delivery of your package and an extra-fast delivery (3-5 business days). Small and light packages start from $39.54, while medium-sized packages of up to 4.5 kg starts from $53.1. Larger packages of up to 20kg and above start from $204. For this rates and services, I would say that FedEx Priority International is relatively cheaper compared to other options.

FedEx Economy International

This is the economy option when using FedEx or the cheaper option of sending a package to Vietnam using FedEx. As much Both the FedEx priority and FedEx economy have similar criteria when determining the cost of freight, FedEx economy is slightly cheaper, although with an extended delivery time, 7 days and above. So, if your package is not urgent, why not consider FedEx Economy International and save a couple of dollars?

FedEx Multi Package Shipment.

Are you looking forward to shipping multiple packages in a single mail-out request to Vietnam? Then look no further than FedEx Multi Package shipment option. This is a special option that allows you to send multiple packages cheaply (in bulk), rather than shipping each parcel separately. This option allows you to save up to 50% for all the packages sent to Vietnam. All the restriction mentioned earlier apply to this option. Your package will get to Vietnam within 4-7 business days.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

This is a household name in the U.S and I wouldn’t be surprised that you are already familiar with this.  This is the most popular mailing and parcel service in the U.S and with its years of experience in operation, it is one of the most reliable and credible option for sending packages within and outside the U.S. Therefore, the USPS charges are higher compared to FedEx and much more compared to planet mail.

Unfortunately, USPS only offers services for light parcels and medium-size parcels with a wight limit of 29.9kg with 42 inches of dimension. The USPS is aided by the Vietnam Post once packages have arrived in Vietnam. Overall, the USPS does not have a great performance when it comes to shipping packages to Vietnam compared to other options. Despite having tracking services, their delivery timelines are not guaranteed. They can take as long as 10-14 business days. With other restrictions put in place, I doubt if USPS offers value for money, especially when shipping to Vietnam. The USPS has divided their service into two categories;

The USPS Priority International which is more expensive with charges starting from $103.18 for medium size parcels that are 4.5kg and above. There is also the USPS Express International that starts from $40.65 for small packages of up to 0.5 kg and $64.24 for medium parcels of 4.5kg and above. These rates explain why the USPS may not be the best way to send packages to Vietnam despite being credible and reliable.


DHL Express Worldwide.

This is so far the most reliable, secure, and fastest means of shipment worldwide. Small packages of up to 0.5 kg will cost about $46, medium-sized packages of up to 4.5 kg will cost about $91 and large packages of up to 20kg will cost about $551. It offers full tracking on deliveries with a timeline of between 2-4 business days. This service is exceptionally for international customers with a wide range of package solutions. Has a maximum weight of 70kg and is suitable for both business and private customers. DHL has established itself within Vietnam and has offices that handle parcels locally thus even door-to-door deliveries within the capital are possible upon request. Out of all the options mentioned above, I would consider DHL Express Worldwide as the perfect way of sending packages from the U.S to Vietnam. I mean, it is a well-established company that offers value for money with decent delivery timelines.

How easy and convenient! You have all the options illustrated above, this is your chance to get to choose the service that best suits your needs.

Related questions

Are there legal restrictions while sending packages to Vietnam?

Yes. Before sending any package to Vietnam you will have to complete the custom declaration form (an online form describing the contents of the package). This allows custom officers to check the imported package on arrival.
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