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28 x 16 x 16 IN
Up to 55 LB


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Prices from $6


Prices from $6


Prices from $6


Prices from $6

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Prices from $6

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About Sendle

Sendle shipping is a private logistics company committed to helping you ship your cargo to your preferred location within the USA and around the globe. Sendle has an excellent reputation for providing customers with high-quality and satisfactory shipping services.

Besides, Sendle use modern technology to smoothen their shipping services. You can book their services online from the comfort of your home, and Sendle will deliver your goods within the shortest time possible.

Sendle Pricing is always included in your shopping quote, typically determined based on the nature of your cargo, destination, and other vital services. HoSendlever, their rates are pocket-friendly, and Sendle're always committed to giving value to your money.


Why Choose Sendle International Shipping Services?


Experienced in the shipping business

Sendle have been in the shipping industry for years. Meaning Sendle understand the industry better than most of their competitors. their management, the team, and the company have a cumulative experience of over 40 years. Thus, you can always trust us with your package, container, or any good you want to be delivered anywhere around the globe.

Online Services

Sendle have modernized their shipping services with the latest shipping technology. You don't have to come to their offices to send your package. Just create a shipping account on their portal, send us the package details, get a quote and pay for the services. their team will contact your seller to get the cargo to your preferred location.

Safety Guaranteed

When shipping products, it is always good to be assured of the safety of the cargo. It's disappointing for a parcel to be delivered when it has been tampered with on the way. HoSendlever, when you choose Sendle parcel delivery services, your product is Sendlell repackaged to include their company seal, that's not easy to get rid of unless you're the actual owner of the products. Furthermore, all packages shipped through us are insured against damage, loss, or disaster.

Shipping for large & small packages

Sendle shipping services are available for any package. Sendle're equal to the task, whether small, large, or fragile packages. Reach out to their customer services any time or start the shipping process online by creating a shipping portal on their Sendlebsite. Sendle promise to change your cargo shipping experience for the better without overcharging you.

Sendle Shipping Rates

Sendle use various parameters to determine shipping rates. The nature of your cargo, destination, size, and other services help us set the costs. Hoever, Sendle're not here to overcharge you. Their prices are fair and reasonable, plus Sendle guarantee efficiency, convenience, and quality of shipping services. Sendle don't sleep until your cargo is delivered within the set deadlines.  


Types of services

Door to Door

Sendle have a team ready to pick packages from your doorstep and deliver them to your preferred destination. This service is available within the United States of America.

Access Point to Access Point

Sendle can arrange to pick up your products from any access point and ship them to the next access point for your client to pick them up from there. their team works closely with other key companies to make shipping your products easy without inconveniences.

Access Point to Door

If you have a package you need picked from any access point and delivered to your doorstep, you can always count on us. Make the booking online from the comfort of your home or office, and let us deal with your package transportation. Besides, you can call their customer support team for guidance if you get stuck.

Terminal to Terminal

This applies to large cargo clients or businesses. Are you stressed about shipping your products from any terminal? Talk to us today and leave the cargo to us. Sendle will deliver your cargo to your terminal of choice within the shortest time possible. their drivers and terminal shipping teams are ready to serve you.

International Delivery

Want to send your cargo overseas? Don't worry; trust us today, and Sendle will deliver your cargo to any global destination. Regardless of the type of cargo or size, Sendle have partnered with leading ctheirier service providers to help us deliver your products to any country.


How long does the shipping process take?

Sendle shipping is a reliable, trusted, and experienced international shipping company committed to helping clients deliver goods to their destinations within the shortest time possible. Sendle specialize in shipping non-urgent and large cargo to different parts around the globe. their team ensures your goods are delivered within 2-8 days. Sendle have different shipping departments handling small and large products to speed up the shipping process.

Furthermore, Sendle have partnered with leading ctheirier services to ensure your products are delivered within the set deadlines at additional charges. In case of unavoidable delays, Sendle always communicate in advance to make you aware of what is happening. Sendle're a transparent shipping company; Sendle don't keep you in the dark from booking till your cargo is delivered.


Contact us Now

Sendle value your feedback, so you can contact us through our call lines, email, or social media platforms. Our customer support desk is operational 24/7, ready to respond to all your inquiries. Besides, you can reach out to us anytime you need assistance in creating a shipping account or booking your cargo for shipping.


Data Security

Sendle use AI technology to protect their data from third parties. Thus, their systems are fully encrypted to keep your data safe. You have nothing to worry about when booking shipping services with us. Sendle handle everything professionally.

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