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"By using this website,,you agree that we use cookies.


1.1 What are cookies?

A cookie is a small data file, which we hide on your computer, to store information during your visit, and to be able to recognize the computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain any viruses.


1.2 Website use of cookies


Cookies are necessary to make the website work in relation to login, price check and ordering of shipping. Cookies also help us to get an overview of your visit to the website, so that we can continuously optimize and target the website's for your needs and interests. Cookies remember, for example, whether you are logged in, what prices you have applied for, and whether you have previously visited the site. Our cookies are divided into five types. Necessary cookies, preference cookies, operating/uptimization cookies, marketing cookies. We use Google Analytics to analyze how users use the home page. The information that the cookie collects about your use, such as traffic data (IP address), is sent to and stored on Google's servers in the United States. You can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here: *homepage*


1.3 You reject cookies as such

You can always reject cookies on your computer by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings depends on which browser you are using. But you should be aware that if you do this, the homepage may not work upwards, with some requiring to remember the choices you make.


1.4 Deletion of cookies

If you want to completely avoid cookies, you should turn off cookies in your browser or delete cookies that you have previously accepted, this can be done by finding your browser's help function or support page and then following the instructions.


1.5 Questions and complaints guidance

If you have any comments or questions in connection with our information and/or processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us at


Personal data policy

By using this website  you agree that - process your personal data in accordance with this data policy.


2.1 Collection of information on the website


Base data


When you register as a customer on the website, we collect the following base data about you: your username, password, email. The purpose of the collection of this information is to enable you to identify yourself as a user when you log in to the website.




When you review our service on via Trustpilot, we collect the information that you provide in the review and how you evaluate the business.




The website uses cookies cf. section 1. Cookies policy


IP addresses and browser settings


In connection with each visit to the website, your computer's used IP address and browser setting are registered. Your IP address is the address on the computer you use to visit the website. Browser settings are e.g. the browser type you use, browser language, time zone, etc. IP address and browser settings are registered to ensure that can always find your way back to the computer used, should there be abuse or illegality in connection with the visit or application of the website. The IP address is also used to determine your approximate location (at the city level)




If you sign up for's newsletter, the information you provide about your name, e-mail, etc. is registered directly with the If you no longer want to receive newsletters from, you can cancel at the bottom of the newsletter.


Information from other services, including Social Networks


The information collected from Social Networks depends, among other things, on the information you have provided to the services in question and your settings on the services in question for how your information is shared on the Services. Depending on this, we may, among other things, collect the following information about you:


Name and/or user name



Profile picture



2.2. Disclosure of personal data


Base data


When you create a profile on the Website, your username and other data will be anonymous.


Other output


If receives a request from the police (or the other similar public authority) or the judiciary for the disclosure of information, will make an disclosure of your information in accordance with applicable legislation.


2.3 Data liability


Information for which is the data controller. is the data controller in relation to the base data, you enter in connection with your creation of a profile or newsletter registration, i.e. your name, password, e-mail, as well as in relation to registering your IP address.


Information for which you are the data controller.


For the content and information of your profile on Social Networks, you are the data controller yourself.


Home pages, which are linked to


The home page contains links to other home pages. Please note that by clicking on these links you will be taken to another website, for which are not responsible. We encourage you to always read this website's personal data policy, where their procedures for collecting and processing personal data may differ from our website.


2.5 Data Processor uses an external business to make the technical operation of the website. This act acts as a data processor in relation to the other personal data, for which is the data controller.


By accepting this personal data policy, you agree that also allow data, for which you are the data controller, to be processed by the same data processor.


The data processor acts alone on the instructions of the Upon acceptance of these Terms, you authorize to provide such instruction to the Data Processor, which is necessary for the processing of the data in accordance with this Personal Data Policy and which is the purpose of the user of the Website.


The Data Processor has chosen the due technical and organisational security administrations against, that information may or unlawfully be destroyed, lost or degraded, as well as against the knowledge, misuse or processing of information to unauthorised persons. At your request – and against the processing of the data processor's current hourly rates for such work at any given time – the Data Processor provides you with sufficient information that the Data Processor can prove that the aforementioned technical and organisational security measures have been chosen.


2.5 Security measures will ensure that the information collected, including personal data, is treated with care and protected in accordance with applicable security standards. regularly examines its vulnerability and attack systems, but the internet is not 100% secure, and therefore cannot guarantee the security of that information, which you transmit to


2.6 Insights, enrichment and deletion




If you contact, the, what information process about you, the purpose of the processing, who receives the information, and where the information comes from.


The inquiry into the above alone will be answered, provided that it has been submitted more than 6 months from your last inquiry, unless you can remunerate a particular interest in obtaining the information earlier.


Enrichment and deletion

If you discover that the information that the data controller processes about you is incorrect or misleading, will make corrections to your request. You are challenged that even if it is possible- to make corrections of such mistakes.


Content and information on the website, for which you are responsible, you can at any time yourself enrich and delete. If your personal information changes, or if you no longer want you to appear on the website, it is thus possible to update or delete the information by logging in to your user.


When your profile is deleted, all data underneath your user profile, including your base data and any reviews, is deleted. reserves the right to block the use of your profile and/or delete it, provided it occurs during improper use of our service.


7 Sharing of personal data policy may change this personal data policy at any time without notice with effect for the future. In the event of such changes, there is a briefing of the website's users in connection with the user's log into the website.


8 Inquiries regarding the website or personal data policy


If you have any questions about the personal data policy in question, our processing of personal data, enrichment or your relationship with us, you are welcome to contact us at: