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Nobody understands the daunting experience of shipping packages to Chile as I do. I have dedicated my time to gather enough information to help you choose a time-definite means to deliver your package to Chile.

I will highlight reputable companies that offer shipping services from the US to Chile at competitive rates. Furthermore, I will help you choose a means of sending a small or cheap package to Chile. Should I let you know that I have chosen the best courier service in the world? It is your choice to decide on a means that suit your needs.

Now let us have a conversation! How can one send a package from the US to Chile? Among several others, I will discuss three competitive methods of sending packages from the US to Chile: ShipW, DHL, and USPS.

  1. Sending through DHL

DHL is the fastest and most reliable means of sending packages from the US to over 200 countries globally, Chile included. Sending a package from the U.S to Chile can take between 2-4 business days. Surprisingly, DHL offers a variety of choices when shipping packages.  That is, DHL eCommerce, DHL Express International, and DHL Express.

 DHL eCommerce- This service is ideal for online merchants and people sending lightweight and small packages to their prospective customers in Chile. Suppose your priority is price rather than speed, better book DHL eCommerce. Though your package will take longer to reach the destination, it will be delivered at a much lower cost and in good condition. The service also provides protection as well as tracking service.   

DHL Express International- they offer exclusively fast shipping service to major cities globally; hence it is ideal for urgent packages that call for express services. Surprisingly, they will come for your package at your doorstep. You will not be subjected to long queues and waiting times in the nearest post office. Additionally, they offer tracking services; hence you will be able to monitor the progress of your package at all levels, that is, from the start to the final destination.

DHL Express 12- This type of DHL shipping service offers the fastest transit service since they will deliver your item in 1-2 business days. It is ideal for urgent and perishable goods. Whenever you are sending a gift to your loved one in Chile, we recommend this time of service since it is time-sensitive. You are guaranteed that your package is safe and sound and it will be delivered at the right time by DHL. 

It is worth noting that delivery time will depend on the service you choose. Be informed that your package will be delivered Monday to Friday during business hours. Currently, DHL does not offer Saturday and Sunday deliveries. 

  1. Shipping to Chile through ShipW

SW is a competitive shipping company that can coordinate and supervise the delivery of packages right from your doorstep to its destination in Chile. The company has been in operation for decades; hence their experience will help in navigating daunting custom rules and regulations when shipping across the border. With their service, you can ship your package much easier and cheaply.

The last thing you will wish is your package getting damaged or lost! As a reliable shipping firm, you are guaranteed that your item will be delivered in its original form and in good condition. Their service will save your cash and the stress involved in shipping an item to Chile.

However, you must provide adequate information to facilitate the transit of your package. Their competitive staff will help you fill the declaration form and making sure that you have issued all the relevant information needed. Always make sure you have indicated the package content, destination, and why you are shipping. The form will be used to check if you are shipping a prohibited item and the tax to be levied. In most cases, you will be interested in the cost of their services. Well, the cost of shipping will depend on the size, value, and destination of your package in Chile.

  1. Shipping to Chile through USPS

USPS offers a guaranteed package delivery service to Chile. They work hand in hand with the existing postal service firms in Chile to deliver the package to the intended destination. As the largest delivery network in the United States, USPS offers diverse shipping services to its clients. These services enable you to choose a means that will meet your needs and expectation. They include the following;

First-class package international- this class of shipping offers the most affordable shipping to Chile if time is not a priority. The method is very slow, but your package is fully tracked; hence it will be delivered to its destination no matter the time it will take.

USPS Priority Mail International- this class offers mid-range shipping services to Chile. As compared to First-Class Package International, they deliver packages much faster and much cheaper than the priority mail express.

USPS Mail express international- this service is ideal for the urgently needed package, that is, it prioritizes on time though it is expensive compared to the others. They offer a tracking service and your item will be delivered in 2 to 4 business in Chile. Their web page offers an exclusive cost calculating calculator.

I will recommend DHL for you. Why? DHL offers a variety of choices for you, for example, if your priority is price and not time, then DHL eCommerce will be ideal for you. However, if you want your package to be delivered to Chile at a definite time, go with DHL Express service. More so, their free package collection services are exclusive.

Related questions

Which items are prohibited in Chile?

Well, among other items, Chile prohibits obscene books and soil samples! You should always visit various web pages to check on an item that is not allowed in Chile before sending a package. 

What is the cost of sending a package to Chile?

The cost depends on the package's size and weight and how urgent the package is needed to reach the destination. Most service providers to Chile often have a cost calculator that answers the questions on prices.
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