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Sending packages from the US to Malaysia

Shipping and Moving freight from the US to Malaysia has never been easier than it is now. In case you wonder how then to worry no more. Whether you are an individual who wants to share happiness with their loved ones back in Malaysia or you are an entrepreneur looking forward to tapping into the giant Malaysian e-commerce market, there is a solution for everyone’s needs. The freight and parcel companies have established themselves to provide different types of competitive solutions for different types of customers in this market. For instance, there are options for those who want to ship huge amounts of products, those who intend to send light packages such as gifts, and those who want to combine their packages into one shipment thus saving on cost.

There are 4 ways in which you can easily send packages from the U.S to Malaysia; through Global Post, SF Express, DHL Worldwide, and through the United Parcel Service. Let’s have a look at every option independently.

  1. Through Global Post.

This is listed as the cheapest and the best value courier and freight service in this category. This company offers its customers two options for sending packages to Malaysia; through the Global Post Economy and Standard international. Both options offer tracking services, and delivery time take about 10-15 working days. The recipient is responsible for paying duty if it is a requirement. The service also covers up to $100 against loss, damage plus shipping costs.

Global Post Economy International- this service is most suitable for small packages since the weight per package is limited to about 2kgs. The exact cost of shipping a package can be calculated from the company’s website since it's dependent on the weight, the dimensions of the package, and insurance options for your package. But a 0.5 lbs package is estimated to cost $12.77.

Global Post Standard International-this is suitable with up to medium-size packages, only packages that are 32 kg and below can be sent using this option. Tracking is effective to the delivery point. Again, the specific costs for sending packages under this category can only be calculated on the companies website. The prices will vary depending on your specifications. The only issue with this option is that it takes a lot of time for the package to get delivered. Therefore, consider this option only when you are not in a hurry to deliver your package to Malaysia.

  1. SF Express

This service is relatively economical and suitable for shipping heavy equipment since the weight limit is 70kgs. The company boasts of steady delivery timelines hence it is reliable even though it is not time-sensitive.

You will have two options for sending packages to Malaysia; the SF Express Standard is distinguished by shorter timelines of about 3-5 business days. The costs start from about 21.51 for a 0.5lbs package.

SF Express Economy takes longer than the SF Express Standard, with US-Malaysia packages restricted to 200x80x70 (cm).  It takes 7-8 business days from the US to Malaysia.

  1. Through DHL World Wide.

DHL is not only established in the U.S but Malaysia as well. Deliveries are convenient and reliable with door-to-door deliveries available upon request. To suit the different needs of varied customers with diverse priorities, DHL has created a diverse portfolio of services for shipping needs from the US to Malaysia. It is so far the most secure and reliable courier service with strong monitoring and tracking solutions. With all these benefits, they have gone the extra mile to create pocket-friendly services with quality uncompromised.

DHL eCommerce - Parcel Priority-This service is very suitable for business customers and provides startups with a more economical way of delivering packages to Malaysia. This category has packet plus International which takes care of low-weight parcels. Weight per parcel is limited to 2kg, with a total dimension of 90cm. It offers an end-to-end tracking system, and the recipient pays duties and taxes when needed.  On average, it takes 5-12 days to deliver packages to Malaysia. Parcel International direct, on the other hand, offers a little more weight capacity of up to 20kg with a total dimension of not more than 300cm. This service is a little more time-sensitive and takes 4-6 working days to get delivered to Malaysia is other aspects such as customs, duties, and taxes are have been handled by the merchant. Sending a 10 kg parcel to Malaysia will cost about $120.40, however, the actual costs can be calculated directly from the website.

DHL Express-this service is most reliable and appropriate for urgent documents and goods with door-to-door deliveries within the cities. This service is time-sensitive and dependable but costs a little more because it is convenient and offers fast delivery services. DHL Express takes around 3 to 5 working days to deliver parcels and has a weight limit of 70 kg per shipping service. The service comes with a money-back guarantee, delivery management, facilitation of customs clearance, door-to-door delivery, end-to-end tracking visibility, and proactive notifications.

  1. Through United Parcel Service.

UPS has developed to establish itself in the market and so far the fastest when sending packages to Malaysia. It is also the most suitable for small and medium-size packages. It also offers a money-back guarantee and in-house customs clearance. Takes only 2 working days for a package to be delivered from the U.S to Malaysia. On average, it will cost $148.18 to send a 10kg package from the U.S to Malaysia. However, you will have to visit the company’s website or Easyship website to get the exact figures depending on your needs.

After reviewing all these options, I believe the United Parcel Service provides the best service for people who want to ship packages from the U.S to Malaysia urgently.
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