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By 2020, the expectations for eCommerce delivery have changed and most online customers are expected to make deliveries faster and more cost-effective (or free of charge!). This implies that high delivery prices can represent a huge turnoff for potential buyers and cost you a lot of business.

It is thus necessary to choose the cheapest method of shipping packages to buyers across the United States and abroad from various shipping regions. This not only helps you to convert shipping-cost-sensitive shoppers and keep ahead of the competition but also improves your financial performance and helps you remain profitable.

For many reasons including the security of your package, the hassle of researching the courier service you will use every time you want to send a package, and the high cost of sending packages internationally, you may want to know the cheapest courier service.

Therefore, this guide provides information on what impact shipping rates have, different courier services in the US, and how you can reduce your costs wherever you ship. What’s more? You will get to know how you can get the cheapest courier service.

So, what's the cheapest way now to ship a package? Even while there is no one-size response, this article might help you to figure out the factors affecting shipping charges and some ways in which you can negotiate discounts on delivery from the major couriers. Let’s dive in.



There is no unique, universal shipping technique that is considered to be the gold standard for shipping a package cheaply. Keep in mind how quickly you need your packages to reach your destination, your shipping area, or your country, as well as your weight and size, depending on what you send factor in when determining the cost of shipping.

Here, we discuss the four factors to put into consideration when determining the cheapest way to ship boxes. They include:


How fast do you want your parcel to arrive? As the norm becomes immediate gratification, fast shipment undoubtedly will play a part. But remember, the faster the shipment speed, the higher the payment. Would you like your shipment to be shipped in two days, in three days, the next day, or would you want to wait 7 days? During your specified delivery time, numerous courier services provide a variety of time-sensitive delivery options. However, so to speak, you have to pay to play. Delivery overnight can cost 5 times more than ground delivery.


USPS Priority Mail offers the most inexpensive pricing for parcels weighing 10 lbs and below for 2-3-day shipping. However, when delivering packs weighing over 10 pounds in the same delivery channel, UPS and FedEx services offer more attractive rates.

UPS 2nd Day and FedEx 2Day are the best solutions for items with a hard two-day delivery time as USPS does not offer assured services in this time frame.

The UPS Next Day Air Saver and FedEx Standard Overnight offer competitive rates in comparison to the USPS for fast delivery the next day or overnight.


First, consider where the shipping zone is sent from your package. The shipping operators divide the US into 8 zones based on the distance from your mailing address or zip code your package needs to travel from. The higher the transport rate, the higher the shipping zone from the address of the destination.

Domestic delivery versus international delivery also comes into action when you send packages in different places to your customers. International shipping is higher than domestic shipping, as you would expect.

With distribution offices in many regions of the US, shipping costs can be reduced and delivery times for your consumers can be reduced by making sure that your goods are kept closer to the final destination. To help reduce the distance and duration of your delivery, we partner with 3PL providers and warehouses across different cities around the world.


When you choose the cheapest option to ship boxes, the weight of your package is a crucial factor. The weight or lightness of your package will influence its rate of shipping.


Using USPS FirstClass Mail or USPS Media mail when shipping physical media, you'll get the most competitive pricing for lightweight packages below 1 pound to 16 oz.

For shipping parcels weighing between 1-10 lbs, the USPS Priority Mail offers an economical choice, while FedEx and UPS Ground/Home offer the lowest rates for heavy packages in the US.



The size of a package has a lot to do with the amount of space it will take up at the back of a truck. The larger the package, the higher the cost of delivery. Various courier systems offer several choices for optimizing your shipping package size.

The use of Flat Rate Packages through USPS is one such option. Although the cheapest option to ship a box is not always ensured, this will help you keep your shipping cost stable. For tiny packages, First Class Mail envelopes, flat rate envelopes, and USPS Priority Mail have the lowest costs.


Cubic pricing can also be used. Cubic pricing is a special USPS service that provides lower prices for shipping small, heavy items that are under 20 pounds with USPS Priority Mail.


In establishing delivery costs of your goods, dimensional pricing is also used. To estimate the delivery rate, dimensional weight is applied if your package is too large in proportion to its weight. The larger the dimensional weight, the higher the rate of delivery since the item takes up more space for aircraft and other cargo vehicles.

USPS has the largest dimensional weight divisor, hence offers the cheapest way to ship a package based on its dimensional weight.



Other factors, apart from the cost, must also be considered. An affordable choice that does not provide outstanding tracking, insurance, or delivery times can come with its share of drawbacks that outweigh the eye-catching price.

Here are some additional factors you should consider:

Insurance: Insurance provides security for your package in transit. Also, it helps to alleviate any risks associated with packages lost or damaged. Looking at the cheapest way to boxes, it is smart to check if the carrier offers insurance for your goods at the most competitive rates. Although it may cost extra, it could make sense to go for a carrier with a higher shipping rate that includes insurance, as opposed to the overall cheaper option that doesn't cover you and requires you to buy insurance separately.

Tracking can help you streamline the shipping experience of your buyers and build confidence throughout your trip by providing package visibility. The cheapest method for shipping a package can be by providing spot-tracking services, so you have to rightly weigh down your options to ensure you have a good tracking service option.



Now that we have looked at the different factors that affect shipping rates, as well as things to put into consideration when shipping from the US, we’ll be looking at different couriers in the US and some of their rates.

Use a shipping rate calculator to compare rates by package size, weight, location, and delivery speed for the cheapest rates from multiple couriers.

Let's take a look at each of the main couriers for the cheapest option to ship a product.

For example, when shipping a 9in x 6in x 2in (8lbs) package from the US to Hong Kong,

DHL: DHL Express Worldwide: $83. 30

UPS: UPS Worldwide Expedited: $210.05 within 2-5 days

USPS: Priority Mail International (USPS): $86.45 in 8 days.

FedEx International Economy shipping is $212.95 and takes 4-6 days.

FedEx :



We are a leading shipping and logistics service provider with a global network of couriers. This enables us to negotiate with leading couriers some of the highest shipping discounts, and we will help you to minimize shipping costs. Be assured that with our service you will get the cheapest billing while sending your package. What’s more? We also offer other shipping options are available to help you streamline your delivery process and satisfy your customers.
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