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When shipping internationally, looking through multiple services before deciding on one is preferable. By doing that, you will be able to determine the overall quality of your shipment based on your shipping option and the chosen provider.

For example, the service directly influences the handling of your package, the shipping price, and the delivery time. So, you must be cautious when selecting a suitable courier service with affordable rates.

A shipping calculator is one of the best ways to compare various services and prices. Our USPS shipping calculator is an excellent tool for shipping through USPS. By putting in the required details of your parcel, you can obtain delivery quotes and compare the rates.

USPS International Services

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers safe and secure shipping services worldwide at reasonable prices. It ships globally to over 180 countries and provides insurance and tracking services.

Listed below are the names of the international services provided by USPS:

You should also be aware that the maximum weight of a package that USPS offers to ship is 70 lbs. Furthermore, the delivery time of the different services by USPS ranges from 1-10 business days.

What Factors Determine the Shipping Costs?

Factors such as the shipment's weight, dimensions, shipping distance, and the type of service you use determine the delivery cost. The heavier your package is, the greater the shipping price will be.

Similarly, the expenses for your shipment also increases with the distance your packages needs to be shipped. Transporting items to far-off countries is pricier compared to shipping nearby, due to the added costs of fuel and extra manpower needed to facilitate the delivery to its destination.

Lastly, economy services offer lower rates than priority services because of the variation in their delivery time. If you want quicker delivery of items, consider using priority services.

How Much It Costs to Ship Internationally With USPS

To calculate shipping prices internationally with USPS services, we've taken a 20-pound package as an example. This package will be sent from the US to overseas locations to help us estimate the shipping rate.

US to Canada

You can use USPS Priority Mail International or Express Mail International to ship this package from New York to Toronto. The shipping price for a parcel of this weight will be around $100-$200. Moreover, the package will reach its destination in five business days. To find the best delivery prices, use the shipping calculator.

US to Europe

Shipping the same item from New York to London via USPS International services will cost around $200. Use the shipping calculator to get an idea of the shipping price.

United Postal International Shipping Rates

Ultimately, you only need to enter the values in the USPS international shipping calculator in order to get a delivery quote for your parcel. Then, you can easily compare the prices offered by USPS Postage and select the service that best suits your budget and needs.

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