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Our shipping calculator provides excellent offers from various carriers to save time and simplify the shipping process. If you're considering using USPS services and would like to know more about how to ship packages cheap with USPS, you are in the right place.

USPS Services

USPS is a cost-effective and trustworthy carrier based in the US that provides domestic and international shipping. Amongst its services, you'll find options for economy and priority shipments. Following are some of the primary services offered by USPS:

Priority Mail Express

Choose the option that meets your requirements and offers excellent services at affordable rates. However, remember that you cannot ship items weighing over 70 lbs through USPS.

Why Should You Use the USPS Shipping Cost Calculator?

You can find the cheapest rates quickly using our online USPS shipping calculator. So, use our shipping calculator instead of going to different courier sites and inputting the same information regarding your shipment for each carrier.

We have designed the calculator to collect rates from various couriers and their services to provide you with the best offers. Use the USPS international shipping calculator if you'd like to get a delivery quote for sending a parcel abroad.

What Factors Determine the Shipping Costs?

Various factors determine the shipping rate of a package to different areas. These factors include the weight and dimensions of the parcel, as well as the location you're shipping to.

Inputting a specific location will help you estimate a more precise delivery quote.

Furthermore, the service option you choose significantly influences the delivery cost. Try different options to find the one best suited for you.

How Much It Costs to Ship Through USPS

To calculate the shipping price using USPS services, we'll consider a 20-pound package sent both locally and abroad. Shipping an item from New York to Chicago via USPS Parcel Select or Priority will cost $100. Moreover, the delivery time is 2-5 business days.

The price can increase if you opt for a different service. To get an idea about the shipping price, use the shipping calculator. Otherwise, feel free to visit our USPS shipping rates by weight chart, where you can find flat rates for USPS weight deliveries.

You can use USPS Priority Mail International or Express Mail International for international shipping. The price to send the same package from New York to Toronto using these services is $100 to $200. To find the best delivery prices, use the shipping calculator.

To sum up, shipping with USPS can be ideal as its postage rates offer low shipping prices for customers worldwide. In addition, our USPS shipping calculator will make the shipping procedure time-efficient and worthwhile.

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