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International shipping is the importation and export of goods between countries by sea, air, or road. International freight transport is a very complex form of cross-border freight transport, which requires compliance with many rules and regulations. To import or export goods without complications, companies need to know and abide by strict international screening rules and collect documents for their cargo to obtain customs duties.

We understand above-mentioned processes are some of the complexities that individuals and businesses using International shipping face. And that’s why we pride ourselves on being exceptional in ensuring a simplified international shipping process. Asides from offering an effective and effective domestic service, we also take care of international shipments for more and help you have any intricacy in each country while ensuring your goods have a safe passage. Although, the process is different for each country, however, with our long-term experience you can expect us to sort your shipping out successfully.

How long does international shipping take?

Even though we will like to give a definite time regarding our international shipping, however, the time of arrival for your goods will be determined by some factors. A few of them are your package size and the mode of shipping you choose. On average, international shipping should be between two days to four weeks. For example, if you chose the fastest mode of transportation (air cargo), you can expect a quick delivery than when you choose to move your shipments on the sea.

Factors that affect the delivery speed for international Shipping

As we have mentioned above, there are more complications attached to international shipping than domestic shipments. Even though we have always ensured that your shipment arrives before the due date, there is a number of factors that could determine the speed of your shipping. Over the years, while offering international shipping services, they are the factors that we consider while estimating the time of arrival for shipments. Following are some of the things you must know about international shipping.

Customs Clearance

Moving items from one country to another requires going through the customs departments of each country, while they all enforce their custom rules. Therefore, all items need to be cleared to determine whether an item is qualified to enter a particular country. While doing this, they also check whether custom dues have been paid. If you are not properly prepared ahead for this by presenting the right paperwork, it can lead to a delay in delivering shipments.

Your paperwork is equally important as the item you are moving. Ensure they are filled correctly with needed information while ensuring the correct description of goods is given. However, this is where our expertise comes in, using our experience with international shipping we will let you know ahead of the information you will be needing for the paperwork. Asides from making you aware of the information, we also ensure the paperwork is correctly filled.

Managing the Coronavirus Pandemic

The present pandemic has affected many industries and shipping is not an exception. Cross-country shipping has been affected the most. Many countries are contributing their quotas to prevent a further spread of COVID-19, therefore explains why your shipping may experience some delay. The delay is not even the problem, some courier services have suspended their operation beyond the national borders making it hard for business Owners with customers around the world. However, you don’t have to suspend your international shipping, we will provide you information on how you can abide by the precautions. In advance, you will be educated on important things that need to be done to ensure your items do not undergo any further delay.

Shipping Services

Other factors aside, this is a major determinant of the speed of your shipments across the border. The transport mode you choose also largely determines how long the shipping will take. We have both Sea and air cargo available, so before making your choice ensure you consider your product type, time and cost.

You get a faster pace using air freight than using sea cargo, however, the speed comes with a price. On the other hand, Sea is cost-effective but slower. If you are shipping delicate items that cannot be preserved in enclosed containers on long trips, then the sea cargo is not for you. We are always available to offer you advice on the best cargo that’s suitable for your items.

Prohibited Items

Various countries restrict the entry of different items. As such, you should consider individual countries' restrictions before sending your shipment to ensure that you aren’t breaching their guidelines for prohibited, restricted, or dangerous items.

Across the borders what is permitted in your country might be restricted in other countries. So, before shipping to a country ensure the item you are sending is permitted in the country. As a professional, we are here to advise you on countries and some items that can breach their rules for restricted items. We will make you aware of these countries so your shipments are not grounded indefinitely.

Potential Delivery Issues

There are unforeseen circumstances and situations that could pose a threat to the delivery of your shipments. These problems will reduce the pace of your shipment if not taken care of. However, you can always overcome these problems in advance by working with a reputable shipping company with the ability to take some measures to guarantee safe delivery.

Shipping companies handle complications better than each other and that’s why we choose the best for you according to your shipment’s type.

International shipping services

To offer our customers a streamlined international shipping experience in any part of the world, we partner with different shipping companies. These companies are reputable, effective, and have a long history of ensuring product distribution around the world becomes easier.

DHL: DHL is a renowned international shipping company and the best choice if you want to fast shipping service at an affordable rate. It is known as one of those shipping companies having a wide logistical network to transport your shipments to different countries of the world.

FedEx: FedEx is also a large shipping company and can end up becoming your favorite shipping company because of its excellent services.

UPS: Asides from being popular for domestic shipping, UPS has a broad logistic network extending to more than 220 countries in the world. Using UPS, we have helped a considerable number of people handle any of type needs relating to international shipping.

PostNL: With a headquarter in Europe, PostNL provides a good way of reaching people in countries like Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. This is one of those shipping companies you can trust for a simplified shipment delivery in the Eurozone. 

Royal Mail: Royal Mail has been around for a long time (since 1516) and owned the UK government. Because of its history and ownership, it is one of the international carriers that’s safe and can also be trusted. Its service is both excellent and transparent

Blue Dart: Known for both domestic and international shipping services in different countries across Asia. We will help handle any shipment in Asia using this shipping company. It’s headquartered in Chennai and its service is in more than 220 countries around the world.

DTDC: DTDC is located in Mumbai and has an extensive network and is expanding its deliveries to more than 240 countries around the world. If you are looking for the best international courier service for your customers in India, DTDC is your best bet.

DB Schenker: This is also among the largest company we have used over the years for our respective customers. It is based in Germany and has more than 2000 locations in the world. It provides a mix of land, air, and freight services and is a perfect choice to cater to your shipping needs in Europe and beyond.
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