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Prices from $6


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Prices from $6

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Prices from $6

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Many people are hesitant to send packages due to the effort, money, and time it requires. Everything demands you to be careful, from packing your item to selecting a service and dropping off your package at a nearby shipping store. Even after you've sent your package, there's a risk it will be damaged or mishandled in transit.

Moreover, even if you are to receive a package, you must arrange a time to stay at home so that you are available when it is delivered. But what if we tell you there’s an easy way out?

USPS provides its customers with the option of shipping online. With USPS Click and Ship, you can pack, select a service, buy stamps, and even schedule a pickup from your home. It brings the post office to your house. 

To learn more about how you can utilize USPS Fastest Shipping services to make your life easier, keep reading this article. Furthermore, learn how to use the USPS Postage Calculator to find out the shipping rate for your package. 

How Is USPS Online Shipping Service Useful?

With USPS online shipping, you can easily manage and make your shipment, all from your home. This service is available for USPS Priority Mail, USPS International Shipping, and USPS Flat Rate Shipping

Apart from saving your precious time and effort, USPS online shipping also helps you save money. With an affordable price and additional features of its services, you won’t have to spend extra on anything. If you select a service by USPS, you will receive packaging and tracking services free of any additional cost. 

How To Use the USPS Online Shipping Service?

Instead of going to a USPS Near Me to drop off your mail, you can now use the USPS online shipping service to send packages from your home. To ship via USPS, you need to create a free account on its official website. You also need to have a credit card to buy postage and a printer so that you can print out your stamps. 

Follow the steps below to make an online shipment through USPS:

  1. After creating your USPS account, your first step is to make a shipping label through USPS Shipping Labels. For this purpose, you will need to provide the destination location of your shipment. 

  2. Next, fill in the required fields. Also, you will have to select from additional actions, such as if you wish to notify the recipient or use the service to hold for pick-up. 

  3. After that, provide details about your shipment. This includes its weight, dimensions, and value. Additionally, choose the date you want your package to be dispatched.

  4. Then, select from the various services that USPS offers to ship your parcel. This should be according to your shipping needs. For example, if you’re sending small items, you may choose USPS First Class Package Shipping

  5. Lastly, check that the information you entered is accurate before paying for the shipping label. Then, print out the shipping label, and attach it to your parcel. 

  6. If you opt for USPS Scheduled Pickup service, your package will be picked up from your home or workplace on the date you select. However, if you’re receiving a delivery, you may choose USPS Informed Delivery so that your shipment arrives when you’re available. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Although USPS provides reasonable shipping rates, the delivery charges may differ depending on various factors. This includes the mail class of your shipment, its weight, and the shipping distance. Moreover, you will have to pay extra if you select some special service. 

However, shipping online via USPS generally costs less than shipping via post office as you have to do all the work to make your shipping label. Even if the prices are only slightly different, it adds up quickly if you send hundreds of packages regularly.

To get a quote on how much it would cost to ship a package, you may utilize the USPS shipping calculator. All you need to do is fill in the required information about your parcel. This means the shipping origin and destination with zip codes, the weight and dimensions of your parcel, and the type of shipment. 

Once you click on ‘find price,’ will show you several USPS services along with their price estimates. Comparing rates and features can help you choose the best option for your shipping needs when deciding between services. 


USPS online shipping service is a convenient way to ship your packages and parcels locally or internationally. This online service is an excellent way to manage all of your shipments from the comfort of your home.
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