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Prices from $6


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Prices from $6

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Shipping a package and making sure it reaches its destination on time is a difficult task, especially if you own an eCommerce business and want to gain valuable customers through your services. In such cases, a fast and reliable shipping company is a must. 

USPS provides multiple shipping services that you can utilize at an economical price to make shipping easier. It offers a service for all of your shipping needs, from which you can choose based on your requirements. One of the best things about USPS is that it makes delivering packages hassle-free and straightforward. 

So, if you wish to learn more about how you can avail of USPS's fastest shipping options, continue reading this article. In addition, find out the postage rate if you opt for a USPS service to mail your package. 

USPS Shipping Services

USPS features a multitude of shipping choices depending on the goods you're sending and where you're delivering them. Here's a brief overview of these services so you can get an idea of what USPS offers its customers: 

USPS Priority Mail Service

USPS Priority Mail is the second-fastest shipping service offered by USPS. It includes USPS 1-Day shipping, USPS 2-Day shipping, and USPS 3-Day shipping. These services allow you to send out shipments on an urgent basis. So, if you plan to send a package to a nearby or far-off state in under three days, this is the best service for you. 

Furthermore, depending upon your shipping origin and destination, you can pick from the 1-Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day service. All of these provide a tracking service that tells you about the current status of your parcel in transit. Moreover, you can insure your valuable items worth about $100 with USPS Priority Mail. 

USPS Priority Mail Express Service

This is the fastest shipping service provided by USPS and includes USPS Overnight shipping and USPS Same Day shipping. This service is reserved for when you wish to send a last-minute package to a loved one for a special occasion. Although businesses can benefit from this service, they don’t usually use an overnight service. 

In addition to cost-effective and efficient deliveries, you can also use shipping boxes and envelopes provided by USPS Express shipping for free. Furthermore, you can track and insure your packages to reach their destination safely.

USPS First Class Mail Service

USPS First Class Package shipping is a standard shipping service with affordable postage rates. However, you can only utilize this service for lightweight envelopes and have them shipped within one to three day delivery time. 

If you wish to mail a letter or document, USPS First Class Mail service is your best option. Simply put a stamp on the envelope and take it to your nearest USPS shipping center to send it to its destined location. Also, no matter where you send your envelope within the country, the rate for this service is only $0.58. 

USPS Flat Rate Service

With USPS Flat Rate shipping, you have the option to select from different sized boxes to send shipments domestically. In addition, you can choose from boxes with fixed pricing regardless of the weight or shipping location.

The prices of these boxes vary with their size. For example, the small Flat-Rate box has a rate of $5. However, if you select a medium-sized box, the price will increase to $10 and then further to $13 with a large-sized box. 

USPS Informed Delivery Service

If you are receiving mail via USPS Informed Delivery, you come to know about them beforehand. The service lets you know about your incoming mail and sends you pictures of your envelopes. You also receive notifications about your packages through their tracking service. 

Moreover, if you are unreachable at the time of your scheduled delivery, you can reschedule it and receive your package whenever you are available.

USPS Schedule Pickup Service

By making use of the USPS Scheduled Pickup service offered by USPS, you have the option to book a pickup of your parcel. Once you receive a notification that your package is about to be delivered, you can schedule and pick it up at a nearby USPS shipping center. Additionally, you can modify or cancel your pickup at any time. 

USPS Click and Ship Service

USPS Click and Ship is less costly than the standard USPS service. You can print out a shipping label on your own using a computer before proceeding with your shipping procedure. After that, you can schedule a pickup or drop off of your parcel at your convenience. 


All in all, there are multiple shipping options when it comes to USPS. Now, it depends on which one you select for delivering your packages. Once you’ve decided on a service, make sure to use the USPS shipping calculator to get the best shipping estimates.
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