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Sending parcels from the US to Spain has become more complex since more companies have ventured into courier services. Each company provides various services that meet customers' different needs. With all these options at your disposal, I understand it can be hectic and challenging to find the best courier service.

Trust me! Finding a suitable courier for your needs is as easy as the flip of a hand. I have anticipated your questions and prepared all the answers for you. Whether you are looking for options for sending an urgent or emergency package to Spain, economical solutions for sending parcels to Spain, or a secure option for sending your valuable items to Spain. All these solutions are available here for you.


Economical Alternatives

Suppose you are on a budget, but you still want to find a way of sending packages to Spain conveniently. In that case, you should understand that they might not offer additional services, such as tracking.

And given that they are way more economical, you should understand and be alright with the fact that they tend to have longer delivery times, which is still the best option, especially when sending heavy packages that are not urgent. So, let's explore some of the economical courier services available.

  1. Shipping via Planet Mail Express

This service is most suitable for small packages since it has a weight limit of 4.3 lbs. Boxes should have a maximum length of 24 inches and an overall size of 36 inches. This shipping option is not time-sensitive and can take 7 to 25 business days to get to Spain.

Surprisingly, you still have the option of tracking your package despite it being an economical option. This company uses USPS services to actualize its deliveries. A 0.5 kg package measuring 25*18*10 cm costs about $12.39 to ship from the US to Spain.


  1.  Shipping via Postal Service.

Next up is another service listed by Planet Express, which is especially suitable for small packages. The weight requirement for this service is that your parcel should have a maximum weight capacity of 4.4 lbs per package. The box must also be smaller than 25 by 18 by 10 cm per package. In this case, a Shipment from the US to Madrid would cost approximately $15.84.

The Postal Service by Planet Express also offers full-tracking services that allow you to monitor your package throughout your shipping process. You can visit the Planet Express website to access the calculator for more accurate and specific figures.

Speedy and Secure Shipment Options

Suppose you want to ship a high-value commodity to Spain. In that case, the odds are that you would like it delivered as soon as possible to reduce the risks of damage or misplacements.

Or the package is urgent, and the sooner it gets to Spain, the better. In such situations, you should use one of the speedy and secure options available. Let's explore some of the swift and safe courier services available.

  1. Shipping via DHL Express Worldwide.

DHL has earned a fantastic reputation due to its vast network and connections in different markets worldwide. One of this company's biggest strengths is its security and efficiency. Because of this, DHL is therefore very suitable for shipping valuable items since they provide an advanced tracking option and door-to-door deliveries upon request.

However, it is essential to understand that these additional services are more expensive. Still, from an economic perspective, this option is ideal when sending valuable items due to the safety of mind. One thing to remember is that you can only send packages of up to 154 lbs.

DHL Express delivers packages to Spain in 2-5 business days, and a 0.5 kg package would cost about $42.71. In contrast, a 4.5kg package would cost approximately $74.41. Visit the company's website for accurate figures depending on your package specifications.

  1. UPS Worldwide Expedited.

The Expedited service by UPS is ranked the fastest regular shipping courier service. This service is beneficial for time-sensitive shipments and valuable shipments. After all, the less time an item spends in transit, the more likely it will be delivered safely.

However, if you wish to use this service, you should understand that speed and efficiency come at an extra cost. UPS Worldwide Expedited takes three days to deliver packages to Spain. A parcel weighing 0.5 lbs will cost about $40.90 when sending packets from the US to Spain.

UPS Worldwide Expedited handles packages of many different sizes; however, the weight limit for the service is 70kg. Sometimes, it is the cheapest and best value option, for example, when sending a 60 lbs package.

Bulk Shipping Options

This one explores options for those who need fair deals on heavy and bulky shipping solutions. Primarily suitable for private customers who want to ship heavy and bulky items or for businesses dealing with oversized items such as electronics or any other heavy products.

These Options include:

  1. Shipping via FedEx

FedEx is well known for its establishment in the market, and it represents both light and heavy shipments with a maximum of 68 kilograms and a total dimension of 130 inches. FedEx also offers tracking services through a master tracking number. FedEx has two options that are convenient for shipping items to Spain:

These figures are just examples; your results might vary depending on your package. Therefore, we recommend you visit the website to obtain accurate figures.

Couriers who ship from the USA to Spain

Courier Service Price Delivery time
USPS Priority Mail Express International $93 5 business days
USPS Priority Mail International $69 5 business days
UPS Worldwide Expedited $57 5 business days
UPS Worldwide Saver $61 1 business days
FedEx International Priority $99 2 business days
FedEx International Economy $84 7 business days
DHL Express Worldwide/International $51 3 business days
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