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Prices from 6 USD

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8 x 4 x 2 IN
Up to 0.5 LB

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13 x 9 x 1 IN
Up to 1 LB

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Small Box
13 x 9 x 2 IN
Up to 5 LB


Ord. Box
16 x 10 x 8 IN
Up to 9 LB


Moving Box
28 x 16 x 16 IN
Up to 55 LB


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Prices from 6 USD


Prices from 6 USD

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Prices from 6 USD

Prices from 6 USD


Prices from 6 USD


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Ground transport is by road or rail and is the most economical way to transport packages. There are different shipping options you can choose from, however, providing domestic transport to your customers is the commonest and standard mode of domestic transport, as it allows you to reduce transport costs and offer free shipping at a lower cost.

Ground transportation is suitable for long-distance business transportation. Goods are delivered in different trucks and not ships or planes. You can also benefit from our expedited ground shipping services, however, this is determined by your shipment’s size. While using a domestic shipping service, ground shipping is generally the most flexible and cost-effective way to deliver packages to your door and with our service we can make it cheaper. Ground shipping is usually forwarded using freight services like FedEx and UPS, which transport smaller and larger trucks across the country to transport and deliver your cargo.

Ground shipping usually takes longer than overnight or air transport as trucks stop at different distribution centers around the country to unload and pick up more cargo. Using ground shipping, the delivery time depends entirely on the place between the sender and the recipient.

Benefits of Ground Shipping

Another important feature of Ground shipping is that this mode provides flexible transportation solutions tailored to customer needs. Whether you are transporting artwork, antiques, or other items nationally or locally, your options may include FTL, LTL, part trucks, nationally scheduled buses, and multimodal freight, including the combination of road transport and rail transport.

In this way, although ground transportation is not as quick as air freight, it has many advantages, making this method the first choice for a lot of shippers. So, because we understand the importance of ground shipping to different businesses, we offer a variety of ground shipping options to meet different needs and budgets. From one-day delivery to heavy freight forwarding, we will solve every transportation problem for you! Do you have any Ground shipping needs, kindly reach out to us.

Why choose ground shipping over other options

There are many cases when shoppers abandon online carts because they see the delivery as not being cost-effective. However, with our ground shipping, you will get a faster shipment, 2-day delivery at an affordable price which a different selection of premium shipping.

Speed ​​is a common misconception about ground shipping. Ground shipping is often known for the slower transportation time and while this is true for transporting goods from one part of the country to another, it does not always happen every time. Depending on the origination of your shipment, you can still take advantage of ground shipping and meet people’s expectations for quick delivery.

Although, if you are transporting goods to a higher transportation zone or a shipping location many miles apart, ground transportation might seem slower or more expensive. The farther and higher the zone, the more speed will be a factor.

However, with us, if you are shipping to a destination in the same area as your warehouse, these packages can be delivered faster and cheaper.

Different carrier options for Ground Shipping

UPS Ground Shipping

UPS Ground Shipping offers 1-5 days ground shipping service, starting at $8.76, depending on package and size. Large package prices start at around $22.85. In addition, they provide a Saturday delivery service for UPS Ground Transportation, which allows them to ship goods to customers on weekends.

FedEx Ground Shipping

FedEx Ground shipping delivers within 1 to 5 days in states sharing the same border, in addition to their faster delivery, they also offer a competitive transportation rate. Their service days are from Monday to Friday. They ship the package as large as 150 pounds, 108 cm long, and 165 cm long plus the perimeter. They offer competitive and affordable prices (starting price: $8.90), which will help eCommerce businesses/companies streamline their shipping process.

DHL Ground Shipping

DHL might seem a little more difficult. They provide domestic transportation services for customers who deliver large quantities of goods to the United States. DHL can be a good choice, especially for e-commerce companies that ship hazardous goods or ship worldwide.

DHL is based in Germany and specializes in cross-country (international) shipping, facilitating timely delivery to countries/regions. It also offers DHL Express Worldwide and guarantees next-day delivery to any international location (however, not for ground shipping).

USPS Ground Shipping

Priority Mail is one of their renowned shipping options, which helps their clients deliver packages within 1 to 3 business days. However, if you want a cheaper and non-urgent shipping option, their USPS Retail Ground shipping will be suitable. With our service, You can expect your items to be delivered at a lower price within 1 to 8 business days.

Wrapping it up

Ground shipping might seem like a mode of transportation that’s slow and might not be suitable for urgent delivery. However, it is more fitting to use this service as it lowers your shipping expenses. And since there are several carriers offering a ground shipping service, you can get expedited ground shipping to make the transportation faster. Feel free to contact us to get the best quote and shipping experience.
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