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Prices from $6


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Whether you need to mail a letter or an official document on short notice, First Class shipping is the preferable option. This service is ideal for the shipment of postcards, letters, or any type of package weighing less than a pound. In addition, the affordable shipping rates and quick delivery times add to the value of this service.

Moreover, First Class shipping can be beneficial for small business owners wanting to send out lightweight parcels or letters anywhere in the world. With the advantage of mailing several sized packages and goods, customer satisfaction won’t be a problem anymore!

Learn how to mail items via this service and the entire online shipping procedure. Furthermore, get to know about the delivery prices and shipping duration of First Class Mail and other shipping options.

How to Prepare a Parcel or Mail for First Class Shipping?

Whether you’re mailing a shipment within the US or internationally, appropriate packaging of items must not be neglected. For goods to remain in their original form, they must be protected using adequate packaging. First Class shipping allows you to ship certain items without ruining their shape or value. Here is a step-by-step guide to packing items or letters for worldwide shipment:

For Packages

  1. Firstly, take correct measurements to determine if your item falls under the size and weight limit of this service.

  2.  Then, pick a shipping box that can easily accommodate the item you’re shipping.

  3. Wrap your item in packaging material and completely seal the box so that the package doesn't break while it's being shipped.

  4. After that, print out your shipping labels and attach them to the box where they are easily visible. Make sure to put in your complete address.

  5. Now that your parcel is ready to be shipped, simply choose a service to calculate postage rates.

  6. Lastly, schedule a pick-up or drop-off for your package at a nearby post office.

For Letters

The process of mailing letters is easy and similar to that of shipping packages:

  1. To mail a letter with USPS First Class Mail, you must first ensure that your mail does not exceed the size limitations.

  2. If you own a postage meter or have stamps available, there is no need to take your letter to a nearby post office. You can also print out postage at home. 

  3. Once you’ve addressed your envelope, attach the postage stamp to the top right corner.

  4. Finally, you may put the mail in a collection box or give it to a carrier for shipment.

How Long Does First Class Shipping Take?

The average time for a parcel or letter to arrive at its destination via First Class Mail is about 1-3 business days. However, if you wish to have your parcels delivered immediately, you may opt for Priority services instead. Learn more about the fastest way to ship packages.

How Much Does First Class Shipping Cost?

The shape and size of your parcels play a huge role in calculating the cost of your shipment. In the same way, the weight of your mail and where it's going can affect how much it costs to send.

For example, mailing a package that weighs less than one pound using USPS First Class Mail can cost you $3 and above. However, with the help of our shipping calculator, you may calculate an affordable price for your shipment.

Other Shipping Options

Aside from using First Class shipping to mail items and letters, you can also avail many other services to fulfill your shipment’s needs. Below are some other shipping options:

Priority Shipping

Priority shipping comes in handy if there is an urgent need to ship a parcel to any location. This type of shipping service delivers your packages promptly but may cost a bit more than Economy shipping.

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate shipping serves as a convenient and affordable way to ship items abroad and locally. This service has fixed rates for different box sizes, allowing you to choose a size according to your needs without worrying about high postage rates. For instance, the price for a USPS Large Flat Rate Box is $21.50.

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping is the most common type of shipping service used worldwide. Its delivery time ranges from up to a week or more, depending on the shipping distance. Standard shipping gives you a wide range of services to opt from, giving you the option to choose a service type that best meets your needs along with affordable delivery prices.


In the end, First Class shipping is ideal for small packages and envelopes globally. Apart from offering cost-effective rates, this efficient service can be a huge plus for individuals as well as business owners. We hope you have the adequate knowledge required to ship via this service by the end of this guide.
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