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Prices from 6 USD


Prices from 6 USD

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A larger percentage of small businesses will need to shipping at a point. If you own a physical store, shipping services will enable you to reach a larger customer and simplify customer service. If you are not selling from a physical location or store, however, runs an eCommerce store, shipping is fundamental in your business if you need to sell.

However, to provide delivery services, a small business must partner with a third-party carrier. We understand that it can be difficult to outsource such an important part of your business. And that’s why we work with different reputable companies that provide effective transportation services for small businesses at cost-effective prices.

Carriers for Business shipping

USPS Business Shipping

USPS Shipping provides a free Priority Mail Starter Kit that small businesses can use. For customers with low-volume shipments, there are also many programs that facilitate the processing of internal orders, such as Click-N-Ship. With this program, you can buy postage and print delivery labels online. There is also an option for a home pick-up for those who cannot regularly visit the post office.

Another way to leverage USPS delivery is Last-mile delivery, which helps to get your order to your destination in a fast and cost-effective way. In addition, USPS provides a mailing certificate for most transportation services.

FedEx Business Shipping

FedEx is known for its fast delivery times. If you need a shipment to get to a customer as quickly as possible, FedEx is your best bet. Various service options include international same-day delivery, overnight delivery, two- and three-days delivery, and normal onsite delivery within 2 to 4 business days. In addition, FedEx offers all these services for domestic and international shipping services.

FedEx manages fewer service locations a little less than UPS, however, it should be easy to find the right location or dropbox for your business. Like UPS, you have to make a direct payment for schedule pickup from your business.

All shipments operated by FedEx are insured and also provide excellent tracking service for your business. Same as other carriers, FedEx provides quality services for business owners that enable a successful eCommerce integration to ensure order fulfillment.

UPS Business Shipping

Most small business owners choose UPS delivery for a variety of reasons. UPS offers a variety of prices, from same day to international express delivery. UPS prices are higher than any of these providers. However, if your packages are larger and more expensive, a UPS may be the most cost-effective option for your business. UPS delivers the cheapest to small businesses when shipping heavy goods.

DHL Business Shipping

If you have a small business that offers products to customers around the world, choosing DHL package delivery software will be an advisable option. This delivery service offers fast pickup and delivery around the world, eliminating stress and anxiety when it comes to international shipping for your business.

Shipping costs vary depending on the shipment’s size and weight. With cargo tracking options, you and your customers can track your delivery in real-time. To reduce unsuccessful delivery efforts and improve your customer’s experience, DHL sends proactive cargo tracking alerts informing customers of estimated delivery times.

Factors to consider while choosing a carrier for your business

Delivery Speed

Presently consumers need first-class service wherever they shop. In reality, 65% of customers expect delivery to be faster than it was yesterday. You get to decide how quick you want your delivery to be. Depending on the product and user, it may also be helpful to include several delivery options when making a payment. We have different shipping options available, so, you have the option of choosing the ones that would be suitable for your business. You can also include some shipping costs in the cost of your product. Consumers are more likely to make a buying decision faster for a product if it believes that shipping is free. Just focus on your gross margin.


Packaging and shipping work together. The size and weight of the product directly affect the type of packaging required. Smaller and lighter items can be sent in envelopes, while larger ones need a box.

You also need to consider the cost of packaging materials like foam or paper to keep the product in good condition. Some shipping service providers offer a fixed price depending on the packaging type. This means that if the goods are included in the package, regardless of their weight, they will be sent for the price of the package. When transporting heavier items, fixed prices will reduce your shipping cost.


As you work with an external shipping service, you need to get used to understanding freight claims. A legal demand made by a shipper against a carrier for financial reimbursement for lost or damaged shipment is called a claim. Different shipping services will have different application processes. There is a different claim process for different shipping services. You need to be familiar with the process of asking your provider for reimbursement in case your shipment had some issues.


A transparent tracking option is important in building a lasting relationship with your target audience. After all, no one wants to lose their package in transit.

It is essential your shoppers have access to real-time tracking of shipment, providing them practical information about the transfer process. This should comprehensively start from when the package leaves and till it reaches the last destination for pickup.

In addition, consider using a shipping service provider that’s effective enough to send tracking info automatically to your customers. Since we have a wide range of shipping companies available, you can choose the one powerful enough to elevate your customer’s experience.


Many carriers will give you the chance to purchase shipping insurance. The insurance type you are liable for depends on the shipment’s value, shipment history, destination, and the shipping method

Carrier liability insurance is the commonest type of shipping insurance, which includes postage and can cost up to $100 if the item is damaged or lost. You can also purchase international shipping insurance for cross-country shipping.

Wrapping it up

Transportation is the life-blood for any business, especially if as an owner you are aiming to expand the horizon of your service.  Be assured that wIth the several options mentioned above, we will give you the best service when you want to ship a package.
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