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What is the best way to ship packages to different countries?

We're here to assist you to get those critical shipments where they need to go, when you need them there, from the tiniest box to the largest pallet.

And regardless of how often you send packages, whether once a year or every day, we have options tailored to your needs.

While, you could choose FedEx , UPS, DHL, US Postal, and other courier services if you require assured time- and day-definite delivery of your shipments to multiple countries. You can contact us for the greatest service experience.

When you use our package delivery service, shipping a package internationally is a breeze. National post offices are increasing the cost of shipping parcels, and checking your package as an additional piece of luggage is no longer a cost-effective option due to the high fees now charged for additional baggage. Many courier services  also make it even more costly for people to end packages. As a result, there are few inexpensive choices for shipping a package overseas.

We guarantee that we can provide you the lowest available pricing all year, whether you're sending a parcel to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or anywhere else on the globe.

We also beat the post office and most day-to-day carriers with the efficiency and quickness of our deliveries by partnering with express partners. This implies that when you use Send My Bag to mail a package, you may save both time and money. For additional information about our package shipping services, please see the links below.



Following an increase in individuals traveling and immigrating abroad, shipping packages internationally is becoming more frequent. We have recognized this and developed a simplified, effective, and dependable solution that meets the needs of individuals seeking to send cargo overseas swiftly and easily.

Our benefits include keeping you informed every step of the way along your parcel's trip, as well as being reasonably priced and providing door-to-door service. When sending goods internationally, there are a number of steps that your packages must go through before being issued to other nations, which might cause delays and package loss. Using a reputable parcel delivery service like our service will save you not just time but also money, especially if you're sending large items internationally.



We are pleased to provide a world-class worldwide parcel delivery service. International package shipment is simple and quick to arrange. Our customer support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that you receive excellent courier service from start to finish.

It's easy to send a package with us. To begin, you must first obtain a price using our free online quotation service. You may next use the online form to schedule a pickup date for your package, selecting a shipping day that is convenient for you.

Once you've placed your order, all we ask is that you make sure your package is ready for our courier to pick up. We'll give the necessary labels and documentation, as well as a tracking number, so you'll always know where your package is.

Once your things have been gathered, you must monitor them until they arrive at their destination. We'll notify you as soon as this occurs, but your tracking code should also be able to tell you when it arrives.

Sending a parcel abroad has never been easier, whether you are a casual sender or a frequent sender with an internet business. We wanted to create a handbook that would be useful to everyone, not only internet sellers.

The first error individuals make is believing that courier services are sluggish and that the entire procedure of sending a package is burdensome. This is not the case, as couriers are quick and provide a variety of perks that the other mailing service does not provide when delivering a cargo internationally.

Shipping a long-distance package, whether to a loved one in Sicily, the bustling streets of Rio de Janeiro, or from Mexico to the United States is our specialty, and with our help, you'll be able to start sending overseas as quickly as possible.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Sending a Package Abroad


1.  Request a Price for your package.

Weigh and Measure Your Package - Whether you're delivering a delivery within the UK or internationally, we recommend following the same procedures to avoid additional charges:

After that, simply fill in the blanks with your information.


2. Incorporate Package Insurance

During the booking process, you can add Parcel Protection to your order. In the event that your shipment is lost or damaged, parcel protection provides you with additional security.


Will My Object Be Safe?

Your package will not be able to be safeguarded for a variety of reasons such as When no protection is added. Any item with a similar description or content can only be transported on any service with no protection.


The advantages of sending your delivery to any nation of your choice utilizing our service.


Capabilities Monitoring


For extra peace of mind, while sending packages, all of our global shipping options include an online parcel tracking feature. It's the ideal option for vendors shipping items internationally who want to keep their consumers updated on the status of their packages.


We offer rates that are competitive

We understand that if you have international shipping needs, you want your items to arrive securely, and you can count on us to deliver your package on schedule and in one piece.


How to Avoid Issues When Sending a Package Overseas

Make sure the address is accurate, then double-check! Make sure you're aware of any forbidden or restricted products that you won't be able to send overseas.

If you're mailing something abroad, make sure you pack it correctly because it'll be traveling a long distance.

Because shipping times vary by nation, make sure you verify how long the anticipated delivery time is. You can see our delivery times here.

On international deliveries, make sure you use the included cover to safeguard your package.


Will I be charged additional fees if I send a package internationally?

With so many rules governing international package services, determining which country has which needs may be difficult.

By using our service, you will save time by receiving a list of countries that impose customs fees.


International Shipping Customs Advice

When sending a package outside of the European Union, you must fill out a Commercial Invoice as part of the booking procedure. Details from the order process are immediately transferred to the invoice, therefore they must be entered correctly.

Because the recipient's address, phone number, and email address will be automatically loaded, they must be accurate and fit the delivery country format.

In the order confirmation email, you will receive a copy of the commercial invoice with instructions, as well as your labels, if necessary.


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