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Prices from 6 USD

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Tiny Package
8 x 4 x 2 IN
Up to 0.5 LB

pakke pris

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13 x 9 x 1 IN
Up to 1 LB

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13 x 9 x 2 IN
Up to 5 LB


Ord. Box
16 x 10 x 8 IN
Up to 9 LB


Moving Box
28 x 16 x 16 IN
Up to 55 LB


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Prices from 6 USD


Prices from 6 USD

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Prices from 6 USD

Prices from 6 USD


Prices from 6 USD


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There are many courier services around, however, there is a number of things that set us apart. One of them is our wide network of shipping and logistics partners. We have a reputation for handling shipments & packages across the national border, however, when it comes to sending packages within states within the country, you can also trust us.

As a courier service, we aim to develop, supporting, and extending our range of services to ensure the satisfaction of our clients irrespective of what they need. We have a long history of building a reputation because of our excellent service and also use our problem-solving techniques to help clients send packages without stress. We are reliable, reputable, and also devise innovative approaches while offering our courier service. As a company, it is our responsibility to provide our customers with quality, innovation, value, but most importantly, quality services with the best value. Our services become more preferred by different people also because of our attention to detail.

We service local, national and international businesses, offering them different personalized courier that’s tailored to meet their respective budget. With state-of-the-art technology, advanced delivery processes, and a well-experienced customer base, we will continue to meet the needs and expectations of our shipping partners.

We increase our reputation by creating strong courier support that distinguishes us from our competitors and enables us exceeds the expectations of our customers. We give considerable attention to the needs of our clients by ensuring they receive the best pricing for domestic, international, and same-day delivery. We look forward to working with you on your budget. We have the manpower and technology needed to meet your needs and expectations in terms of an excellent courier service.

What We Provide

We offer a variety of services, including courier, messenger, and deliveries to local small and large national organizations' customers. We provide these services in all states and also across the country. As our customers' transportation and distribution needs expand across North America, we have qualified supporters from across the continent to see if their needs are met.





Why you should use our courier service

Committed to Excellence

We have managed to attain some level of success because we mainly focus on the needs of our customers. Across the company, we have a significant group of employees with many years of experience in shipping, courier, logistic, and transportation operating based on the best practices.

We are guided by different values, one of them include Excellence, our belief is creating an environment that encourages our employees to pursue excellence while attending to clients’ needs.  

Your One-Stop Source

We pride ourselves on working tirelessly to serve our ever-growing base of different clients by being a trustworthy, fastest, and the most cost-effective service provider even for same-day delivery service. Our range of delivery cover anything, therefore, we are available anytime and all day throughout the year.

Same-Day and Next-Day

We can position you ahead of other companies using our express shipping service. You can choose us to help you bridge the gap between you and your customers. We can give your business a competitive edge for all your shipping and courier needs. The urgency of your shipment will determine the service we will recommend for you. If you have a shipment that’s very urgent, we have a same-day or next-day delivery service using our ground and air shipping service. We specialize in handling time-sensitive deliveries. In addition, we also offer rush and on-demand delivery services.

Technology Delivers Peace of Mind

Our latest messaging system offers the perfect technology for viewing and tracking shipments, sending and receiving information all the time via email and EDI exchanges. We offer services beyond your regular courier company. We offer all transport services and ship several packages. The definition of our courier service is peace of mind.


Our management team consists of courier and shipping specialists with decades of experience. We use this experience to provide the most reliable point-to-point, drop-off, pickup, and courier services in the industry.

Our delivery service represents your perfect delivery to suit your needs – giving our customers a competitive edge with high-quality technology, committed personnel, and advanced technology. Our representatives are available 24/7. We are recognized as best when it comes to an efficient courier service.

Advanced Technology

Asides from having a team of experts and big courier companies to handle all your needs, we also utilize state-of-art technology to continuously track your shipment.

Wrapping it up

Our courier state services cover every area in your state and the surrounding area. We are constantly improving on our services, therefore, as each day passes our services evolve. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and effective delivery solution for your business you can always trust us. Our service will grant you access to seasoned shipping experts, renowned courier companies, and different equipment to streamline the shipping process.
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