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Prices from 6 USD

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The world is getting busier every day and this has increased the demand to get things delivered using courier services. Although there are different shipping needs for everybody, it might be same-day delivery, pick delivery, drop-off, luggage pickup, parcel services, and many more. However, irrespective of your courier needs, we offer different services to sort it out for you. We have a shipping solution for everybody, you only need to request and we deliver. Following are some of the courier services we offer to suit your different needs. Following include some of the courier services that we offer:

Same-day delivery

Irrespective of your package, whether envelopes or freight as long as it is urgent we can help you sort it out in a day. Each of our drivers has GPS that offers you real-time access while om transit and at delivery. You will also be able to sign a confirmation when your item reaches its destination. We handle all your same-day delivery needs, just name it and we will deliver.

We have a large fleet of vehicles to deliver any item irrespective of the size and delivery time. To make our delivery more flexible, our courier service utilizes bikes, vans, and box trucks available to pick up your item and delivers it to the final destination in short time possible. Whether documents, freights, luggage, just name it and we will handle it. To make things easier, we are always available to offer you the best.

Remote office pickup

The advent of remote offices births the need to transport remote office equipment. You can always trust us to help you move your office equipment safely while beating deadlines. We will deliver to your location quickly on the same day. We are always available to offer you a courier service to move your office equipment while you focus on other things.

Similar to other same-day delivery services, we provide the best care, a great speed, and take care of your equipment carefully. We will help you overcome the complications of getting your office running in a day without having to wait for a long time. We have a team of professionals that are well-trained, therefore keep in mind that your packages and equipment are in safe hands. Size and number have never been a limitation for us, just tell us the location and we will transport it there. Asides from handling your equipment professionally, our service is targeted at ensuring you have peace of mind. So, you can monitor the equipment with real-time GPS tracking and confirms when it reaches the final destination.



Financial service

There are no limits to what we can help you deliver, and that’s why highly valuable documents and packages are not an exception. We carefully vetted professionals handling valuables like this because of their importance. We will ensure that the material is collected and delivered to the right location.

Our scope of financial courier service includes delivering deposits, and prescheduled cash deliveries for banks, brokerage firms, banks, and loan centers. Your items are safe with us, as professionals are specifically trained for this kind of service.

Parcel service

We offer both Domestic and International parcel delivery services. Our range of international parcel delivery covers different countries in the world. If you want to send a parcel internationally, we utilize the service of companies such as DHL, DPD, and UPS. Three things define our international parcel delivery and they include speed, quality, and reliability. Irrespective of your location and parcel destination, you can simply send your package anywhere. You only need to input your country and the destination of the package. Other necessary things you need to input will include the size and dimension of your parcel as this will allow us to determine the best international courier for you.

Your needs might be to send a heavy parcel, we also provide a large parcel shipping service to different countries of the world. In conjunction with different courier firms, we will help you conveniently solve your international parcel needs. We utilize a mix of air and road services to ensure your parcel reaches its final destination safely. Whether you need to send a parcel to Europe, Asia, North America and other parts of the world.

Print and delivery service

It does not matter whether it is your personal or business needs, our print and delivery service is perfect for sending documents quickly and conveniently. You might decide to print the document before shipping them from your location. However, to help you shorten the transportation time, we are available to help you print before delivering. This service is ideal for businesses that want to distribute some materials but don’t want to print in-house. Asides from the use for business needs, it is also an ideal choice to meet your personal needs.

We understand some documents and papers are fragile and important to you. That is why we place special emphasis on packaging and transporting the information when it is printed. Our services include real-time GPS tracking and delivery confirmation that informs you that the prints have arrived safely at your destination. You can be sure that all of our professionals are equipped with GPS maps to ensure they find the best and fastest routes to the final destinations and help you deliver your package quickly to make the delivery more affordable. Everything works better with us; you only need to trust us with your package.

Rush delivery service

We have a rush delivery service specially designed to cater to your fast delivery needs to a particular destination within a specified time. Fast delivery is usually picked up and depending on the destination it will be delivered within one to two hours.

Our staff works closely with a reputable courier to meet your most urgent needs at an affordable rate. We provide clinical and non-clinical delivery and offer messaging services, supply services, and other services on demand.

Airport luggage pickup

Things do not always go as expected, it might be pleasant and unpleasant. The unpleasant one might include losing your luggage. Your luggage might experience a delay if it was mistakenly loaded on a plane, or you just temporarily lose track of it. Trying to get the luggage back might seem hopeless and impossible because of the stress of going back to the airport. However, you don’t have to make a trip back to the airport as we can help you handle any processes to pick up your luggage at the airport.

We are always available to help you overcome any stress associated with picking up your luggage at the airport. Most importantly, once we have retrieved your luggage, we will grant you access to track the luggage till it reaches its final destination.

Wrapping it up

Our courier service is not limited to the ones that have been mentioned above. Courier service has grown to become an integral part of our lives and that’s we have the responsibility of ensuring you benefit from it easily.
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