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Prices from 6 USD


Prices from 6 USD

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Prices from 6 USD

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Our courier drop-off service provides a streamlined way of delivering your package on the go, without the need to wait for your courier to pick up your package. This is an excellent service option as you wouldn’t have to undergo any delay or wait at the post office. We have an extended opening hour for our drop-off points which explains the flexibility our service offers. You can conveniently drop your parcel while heading to work after school, or even on the way to the gym.

We are mostly familiar with courier shipping services these days and business owners are gradually adopting it as a quick way of sending packages. Courier service is fast, easy, and stress-free. However, how would you feel, if you have a better and cheaper option to ship your parcels? We are confident and know that we have all it takes to give you the best.

Why you should use our courier drop-off services

Fast Courier Drop-off

Courier is fast; however, many people have criticized the shipping option for being slow as human needs evolve. This is due to many common and unforeseen circumstances. There has been a need for people to send packages with deadlines. Courier services must be planned in a timely manner for delivery and receipt, which requires extra time and effort.

However, using our courier drop-off, these conditions are not much of a problem. You can conveniently and confidently send packages to people not minding the time. There won’t be any need for you to worry about the physical appearance of your recipient at the destination. This facilitates dropping off your package and parcel at the receiving site. Consequently, this will save you both time and effort.


Using our drop-off point offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to shipping packages. This will provide you with a lot of options when searching for where you can send a package from, in addition, it will save you time and make it easier to deliver packages while you comfortably fit it around your daily life.

Cost-effective Pricing

There are extended opening hours for our service point and there is no strict deadline regarding the time you can drop your parcel. This will make the service relatively cost-effective since you have all the time especially when you are not in hurry to deliver the package. As retailers, business owners, and customers, you can leverage the money-saving characteristics of our courier drop-off point. The money might not be significant, however, what it will help you save over time will be much.

However, this money-saving feature is best when you are not in hurry to deliver a parcel. Same day and even next delivery day will be more expensive compared to when there is no urgency attached to a parcel.

An ideal option for everyone

Based on people’s feedback, our drop-off service has become something that everyone loves. The service is beneficial to all whether sellers, customers, business owners, and retailers. Customers can buy their products at a cheaper price. Sellers can save more on interest rates at cheaper prices. Shipping companies can also pick up goods more easily at any time.

One of the benefits of using our drop-off service is being able to save time. After-hours delivery is also gradually becoming popular among people. It can be comfortable and convenient for everyone involved when you drop off packages in the evening. You can always access our package drop-off service anytime.

Track Your Parcel’s Progress

When you use our shipping services, you will be able to access the advantage of using real-time tracking for packages. After handing over your package, it will be scanned and you will be able to monitor the parcel to the final destination. You will be able to access the advantage of using real-time tracking for packages.

Recommended for both retailers and sellers

Everyone including retailers and sellers can benefit from the low prices associated with our drop-off service. In comparison to the normal shipping methods, drop-off services are always less expensive. This is a good way for retailers and sellers to increase their income with a cost-effective shipping rate.

Wrapping it up

The world is changing and so there is a need to remain versatile as much as possible whether you are just an individual or a business owner. Our courier drop-point service is geared towards ensuring you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. This is because our courier drop-off point is affordable, therefore resulting in low shipping costs for your customers.
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