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Prices from 6 USD

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Access points are locations where individuals or business owners can drop off or collect their packages. Generally, they are always located in places like grocery stores, corner stores, gas stations, or other local businesses. We have a functional access point service with different courier shipping companies.

If you find it tiresome and exhausting waiting at home before you deliver a parcel. Or it is just not possible for you to meet the delivery time because of your schedule, then our courier access point is an ideal solution for you. We have access point centers around the city and they will offer you a chance to deliver packages on weekends or after work hours. This will ensure that you have the best experience when sending packages. 

Following are some of the access points that we use to service our customers effectively and efficiently.

UPS access points

UPS reportedly signed more than 10,000 access points in the United States within the last few years, most of them free retailers. UPS recently announced new access points with vendors, including CVS, Advanced Auto Parts, and Michaels, bringing the total of its access point location to more than 20,000. Although these sites do not offer a complete shipping service, they act as consolidation for different e-commerce and package drop-off at some local stores. UPS points are required to provide a safe place to control traditional shopping time and packages.

The addition of several new ventures means that the UPS Access Point concept now supports local retailers and larger corporate retailers. The benefit of these retailers is the ability to generate more store visits and the ability to buy new products for the retailer, resulting in more in-store sales. There are different businesses serving as an access point for UPS and it rewards them for helping them with their packages. Once a shipment is not delivered, UPS will redirect them to the nearest access point for the owner to pick up later. In addition, they work with shippers to serve as an alternative delivery point. 

FedEx Access point

FedEx is a little bit different from UPS as they are always in partnership with big, corporate retailers such as Walgreens and Office Depot for their access points. The relationship with Walgreens is particularly interesting, as it has allowed FedEx to add about 10,000 pages to e-commerce packages over the past two years.

Because the relationship between Walgreens and FedEx is relatively new, there are many opportunities available for FedEx to get the most out of this partnership. FedEx now appears to be focusing on Walgreens Depot, allowing e-commerce customers to send items to Walgreens through the FedEx delivery application. Both UPS and FedEx only send undeliverable shipments to Walgreen's On-Site access points and are not focused on using Walgreen as an option for direct e-commerce delivery. Although, this might change rapidly with time.

The collaboration between FedEx and Walgreens offers sustainable business opportunities for the two companies. An example is a delivery of medications through Walgreens to users. This relationship also has a connection with Walgreens using FedEx use and the whooping FedEx discounts for Walgreens.

FedEx is finally announcing a new partnership with Dollar Store, an access point for sites that can add more than 8,000 new pick-up and drop-off sites. Dollar General will expand its FedEx retail chain to over 62,000 retail outlets.

FedEx's approach means faster network development and lower management costs, but it will likely provide less control over access points, and the risk of losing a significant portion of the network in the event of a transaction does wrong.

US Postal Service

The USPS offers a more convenient location for access points – 30,000 US mailboxes - more than any other shipping company. However, similar to others it does not use valuable products to serve its e-commerce customers.

Although many consumers fear the experience of the post office because of long queues, USPS staff can be professional and helpful at the same time when you reach them. The USPS continues to process more e-commerce shipments than any other carrier.

The USPS also tests Go-Post parcel lockers located at several post offices. It is expected that this automated package delivery and payment solution will enhance the distribution and e-commerce experience. However, funding the current Go-Post Government development will be a challenge for USPS money if it does not decide to provide an open agnostic network and join other project funding partners.


Access points are suitable for drop-off and pickups. If you are not in hurry to deliver your package our access point service characterized flexibility that makes things more comfortable and convenient for you. It comes at an affordable rate and you don’t have to follow any strict timeframe as you can drop your packages after work hours and even on weekends
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