How to Ship A Package – How to Prepare a Shipment & Send It

Whether you’re shipping a package, a birthday present to a friend or delivering items to consumers, it is critical to understand how to pack them correctly. As shipments are subjected to all sorts of stresses and temperature variations during transit, you don’t want your goods to be harmed in any way.

To save your packages from any damage and have them arrive in good condition, continue reading this article. Also, find out the necessary information regarding preparing shipment and how to send it via the best carriers in town.

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Pack Your Items РThe Best Way 

As your package will have to bear external forces in transit, ensuring that it’s adequately packed can go a long way. This step can make or break your shipping process. Hence, follow these steps to pack your items in a box:

  1. To start, determine the size and dimensions of your item. This will help you select the right-sized box for your shipment.
  2. Always choose a box slightly bigger in every dimension. Take a high-quality corrugated box from your local store for shipping parcels.
  3. Wrap your goods in bubble wrap or newspaper.
  4. Place them inside the box and fill the remaining space with cushioning materials. You can use packing peanuts, styrofoam, and crumpled newspapers as protection materials.
  5. Once done, close the box and seal it with packing tape.

Tips on Preparing for Shipment

Although packing may seem like an easy step, most people end up making silly mistakes that may damage the package during transit. The following tips will help you out in your shipping process.

  • Do some research on where you’re shipping your package to. For overseas shipments, check shipping restrictions, customs taxes, etc.
  • Select the appropriate box and make sure it’s slightly bigger than your items. However, it shouldn’t be too big as the size of your package will impact delivery charges.
  • The quality of your box also matters, so use a high-quality, sturdy cardboard box.
  • If you’re shipping delicate items, label them as fragile.
  • Don’t overpack the box because you will have to add packing material later.

Send Your Package Through A Shipping Company 

Once you’re done packing the items, it’s time to mail them. Several shipping companies can help in this regard. However, you should perform thorough research before making your choice.

How much it costs to ship a package depends on the service you select, the weight of your package, and the delivery timeframe. Carriers that offer shipping services both locally and internationally include:

  • USPS
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx


This brings us to the end of this shipping guide. We hope you’re aware of how to pack and ship your items correctly by now. Furthermore, always choose a carrier that offers cost-effective services for delivering your cargo.