How To Safely Ship Electronics — How Much It Costs & More

Shipping electronics can be quite nerve-wracking since they consist of several tiny components. Not only is plastic construction at risk during transportation, but also the functionality of the built-in units. This is why you should do the utmost to protect the device from an impact during transit.

How To Pack Electronics For Safe Shipping – The Best Way

Since electronic devices are fragile, you need to take an additional step to ensure the safety of their components. These are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, remove as many parts of the device as possible and place them in a Ziploc bag.
  2. Next, wrap the main body into several layers of bubble wrap and use tape to secure it.
  3. Now, fill the shipping box with packing material and place the wrapped component inside.
  4. Then, put the smaller parts of the device you wrapped earlier and use foam to keep them from touching one another and sliding around.
  5. Tape the box using heavy-duty tape. Your package is now ready to be delivered.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Electronics?

Two main factors determine the delivery time for electronics, the distance, and the courier service. Using standard packages to mail electronics, your parcel will be shipped in a week if the destination is within the country. Priority services reduce the time to only a day or two.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Electronics In My State Or Across The Country?

Since various types of electronic equipment have different weights, it’s impossible to generalize and give a precise cost. We can split them into lightweight electronics weighing below 10 pounds and heavyweight electronics between 25 and 50 pounds, such as microwave ovens and LCDs.

When shipping packages under 10lbs within your state, the price may range from $25 to $100. Delivering them across the country will cost you between $40 and $150. In contrast, shipping heavier packages will increase the rate to anywhere from $100 to $500. Use the shipping calculator to get the best delivery quotes.

How To Ship Electronics With DHL – And How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of shipping your electronics from state to state with DHL is near $50. DHL has ground and air freight that you can use to ship your package. If you’re sending a heavier item, the cost will rise to $150 and more. However, if you opt for a priority service, the price will increase further. If you want to find the cheapest delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Electronics With USPS – And How Much Does It Cost?

Apart from providing the cheapest shipping rates, USPS also provides packaging options to pack your devices correctly. USPS is a great option whether you’re sending a keyboard or an oven from state to state. The price will be under $50 to mail electronics to another state, including Priority Mail. To find the best delivery prices, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Electronics With UPS – And How Much Does It Cost?

This is another cost-effective choice for shipping your item interstate or worldwide. The price for lightweight electronics can range from $50 to $200 based on the delivery location. For heavy devices, the cost will rise to $400 or so. To get an idea of the shipping cost, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Electronics With FedEx / TNT? – And How Much Does It Cost?

By using FedEx’s popular services, you can ship your package safely and promptly. You can even get a delivery quote from FedEx before you send your electronics.

For nearby shipments, the cost may be somewhere between $50-200. For long-distance shipping, the prices will even exceed $200. To find the best delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Electronics Internationally – And How Much Does It Cost?

International shipments are primarily determined by the shipping distance and the courier company you opt for.

If you wish to transport an electronic device from New York to China, the cost will be nearly $200. In contrast, shipping the same package of 30lbs from Virginia, US to the UK may cause the rate to increase to $300 and more. Use the shipping calculator to get the cheapest delivery quotes.

How to Ship a Specific Electronic


Since most electronics work on batteries, it requires extra precautionary steps to get the package ready for shipment. If the device accidentally turns on during transit, it may lead to a buildup of heat and static electricity, possibly resulting in a short circuit or even fire. Therefore, you must carefully pack your device and choose a reputable courier service to ship your electronics safely.