How To Safely Ship Shoes — How Much it Costs & More

If you’ve ever shipped shoes to another state or abroad, you must know that it isn’t as simple as it appears. The shoes are exposed to several risks during transit. For example, the sole of the shoes could be damaged, or the heel could be fractured.

Here’s a guide on how to ship clothing like a box of shoes to avoid the heartbreak that comes with damaged shoes.

How To Pack Shoes For Safe Shipping – The Best Way

Before you send your shoes off for shipping, it’s essential to pack them properly to prevent any mishaps in transit. Here’s the correct way to do it:

  1. First, get a shoebox big enough not to cramp your shoes. If you wish to ship more than a pair of shoes, look for an even bigger box.
  2. Wrap each shoe in a newspaper
  3. Next, place your shoes in the box and fill the rest of the space using packing materials such as bubble wraps, crumpled newspaper, or packing peanuts
  4. Finally, use packing tape to seal the box.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Shoes?

If you’re using priority services offered by courier providers to deliver your shoes, it may take a day or so. However, when planning to send your shoes through standard services, the shipping time may exceed a week. The time also depends upon your target destination.

What Does It Cost To Ship Shoes In My State Or Across The Country?

When shipping your shoe parcel within the state, the cost may range from $25 to $100. This includes LTL freight, FedEx Overnight, FedEx Express Saver, and FedEx Priority.

Depending upon the shipping time and location, shipping across the country would be around $50 to $200. Use the shipping calculator to get the best delivery quotes.

How To Ship Shoes With DHL – And What Does It Cost?

DHL offers a variety of delivery services you can opt for. It’s best to select the cheaper rates when shipping a pair of shoes unless you want the package to arrive urgently.

For interstate shipping, DHL has air and ground freight options that generally cost up to $120. However, the prices may increase to $150 for shipping over a long distance. To find the best delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Shoes With USPS – And What Does It Cost?

As long as your shoe package weighs under 70 lbs, you can readily mail shoes using this affordable courier. No matter if you’re transporting a box of shoes from state to state or across different regions of the US, it won’t cost you more than $20. Plus, the expected time of delivery is between 2 to 8 days. Use the shipping calculator to get an idea of the delivery quote.

How To Ship Shoes With UPS – And What Does It Cost?

Depending on service speed, destination, and shipment size, UPS provides several services for you to choose from. For a rough estimate, the cost of a shoe parcel weighing 4 lbs, being shipped from Virginia to California, would be from $25 to $85. If you want to find the cheapest delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Shoes With FedEx / TNT? – And What Does It Cost?

FedEx offers a plethora of services and special tools to ship your shoes safely. This includes many priority services like FedEx Urgent, Overnight, Next Day, and 2-Day with accurate tracking services that allow your parcel to be shipped on time.

Shipping your pair of shoes to another state would cost anywhere between $30 and $70. But if you’re planning to opt for FedEx First Overnight, the price may rise to $150. To get an idea of the delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Shoes Internationally – And What Does It Cost?

It’s a good practice to get a delivery quote from many courier services before sending out a shipment internationally. In general, the cost would be approximately $80 and may increase up to $300 depending on the shipping location. Look for affordable delivery quotes by using the shipping calculator.


The services mentioned above will not only deliver your shoes on time but will also keep them in good shape. So don’t be scared to ship your favorite pair of shoes, and make the right choice today!