How To Safely Ship Books — How Much it Costs & More

There can be multiple instances where you may have to ship books from one location to the other. You could be sending books for a variety of reasons. Moving to a new area, becoming an author who mails books to customers, or simply sending them as a gift to a friend are examples of this.

Whatever the case may be, you want your books to arrive in perfect condition. So, to get a safe and secure delivery of your box of books, read this article carefully.

How To Pack Books For Safe Shipping – The Best Way

Follow the given steps to pack your books properly:

  1. First, wrap your book(s) in a sheet of bubble wrap and secure the ends with tape. For extra protection, you can also cover your book with a piece of cardboard.
  2. If you’re packing a single book, use a padded envelope and place the wrapped book inside. However, if you’re packing several hardcover or heavy books, use a shipping box that is two inches bigger in each dimension.
  3. Next, place all your books inside the box and fill the remaining space with cushioning material to prevent movement in transit
  4. Finally, seal the box with parcel tape

How Long Does It Take To Ship Books?

The delivery time may vary depending on your shipping needs and locations. Generally, it could take around five business days to deliver your books nationwide. However, shipping internationally is likely to take around a week or so.

What Does It Cost To Ship Books In My State Or Across The Country?

If you’re planning to ship a single or a couple of books within your state, the cost will be up to $100 or so. When delivering it across the country, the price could rise to $250, especially in the case of priority services.

For shipping a box of books weighing 50lbs, the cost will range from $50 to $350. As a general rule, the cost will increase if you select a priority service for delivering your parcel overnight. Use the shipping calculator to get the cheapest delivery quotes.

How To Ship Books With DHL – And What Does It Cost?

You can readily ship your books with DHL using their air or ground freight. For a box of heavy books, the cost may be around $150 to ship it interstate with an estimated delivery time of 2 days. For shipping over a long distance, the price will certainly increase to some extent. To find the best delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Books With USPS – And What Does It Cost?

USPS is a great option to mail books due to their affordable rates. Using their flat box rates, you can send your shipment in a large box for as low as $21. However, the rates are typically higher if you opt for priority flat boxes. To get an idea of the shipping cost, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Books With UPS – And What Does It Cost?

To send a box of books from state to state, the cost will be $40 to $150. But if you pick the overnight service offered by UPS, the price may increase up to $250. If you’re shipping the box across the country, the price tends to increase depending upon the location. To find the best delivery prices, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Books With FedEx / TNT? – And What Does It Cost?

If you’re looking for many service options when sending out your books, FedEx is the best choice. They offer a variety of services you can use to ship your books to another state or internationally. The cost will be around $130 for nearby states and rise to $500 for distant states. If you want to find the cheapest delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Ship Books Internationally – And What Does It Cost?

Whenever you wish to deliver your books internationally, it’s best to get delivery quotes from several courier providers. FedEx, UPS, and DHL all provide services to ship your box to another country.

The price differs depending on your target location. In general, the cost may be up to $700, varying based on different delivery timings. Use the shipping calculator to get the best delivery quotes.

How to Ship a Specific Type of Book or Magazine


If you’re a book lover, you must understand how important it is to keep your hardcover books in pristine condition. After all, you don’t want your book’s spine, cover, or pages to get ruined during shipment. Therefore, you should pack them properly and get them shipped using a reliable courier service.