How To Safely Ship Speakers – See How Much It Costs & More

How To Pack Speakers For Safe Shipping — The Best Way

When packing your floor-standing speakers, the first step is to disconnect and clean them. Then, you should pack them in wrapping paper or bubble wrap to protect the speakers from damage. Use tape to secure the wrapping paper in place.

The next step is to find the right boxes for your speakers. Having a box of the correct size is more important than you’d think. Pack the speakers in the box and add some styrofoam to protect the cones from puncturing.

You can also fill the box with extra paper to ensure the speakers don’t move around too much during the shipping. Once that’s done, tape up the box, and your speakers are good to go!

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Speakers In My State Or Across The Country?

The cost of shipping a speaker depends on certain factors, such as its weight, size, and the distance of the shipment, along with the courier service you choose. Since the average weight of a standard speaker ranges from 10 to 30 lbs., the price for shipping your speakers within the state can be up to $100.

Meanwhile, the cost of shipping speakers from state to state or across the country is usually up to $200. To get a delivery quote for your package, use this calculator.

How To Ship Speakers With DHL — And How Much Does It Cost?

DHL allows you to get a delivery quote before you book the shipment. This gives you an estimated price for shipping your speakers over a long distance, such as to another state or country. Through this courier service, you can mail speakers for under $150 either by air or road. Get a custom delivery quote here.

How To Ship Speakers With USPS – And How Much Does It Cost?

USPS provides shipping services at a low cost. It allows you to select delivery options such as Priority Mail or Retail Ground services based on your needs. The average price for shipping speakers is up to $35. Find the price for shipping your package here.

How To Ship Speakers With UPS – And How Much Does It Cost?

UPS comes with many shipping services for its customers, including LTL and Air Freight, Worldwide, and Standard delivery. Whether you are shipping your speakers interstate or internationally, UPS works efficiently. The delivery charges are around $200 for the shipment of speakers. Get a shipping estimate here.

How To Ship Speakers With FedEx/TNT

FedEx and TNT allows you to choose from a variety of delivery options based on your needs. You can ship your speakers within the state or internationally using the services offered by FedEx. These include LTL, Air, or priority services such as FedEx Priority or Same-Day Freight. The cost varies depending on the location. Use this calculator to get a delivery quote.

How Long Does It Take To Ship Speakers?

The delivery time for your package depends upon the courier service you choose. You can get your speakers within one to three days, or even a week. Most courier providers offer priority services to deliver your shipment overnight or on the same day. However, keep in mind that this will probably cost you extra.

How To Ship Speakers Internationally — And How Much Does It Cost?

Several courier services provide international shipping, but they differ in prices, delivery time, and location. To ship speakers internationally, you must choose a service that can offer you a delivery quote. This will allow you to get a general idea of the total price, so you can make the final decision. Primarily, international shipping of speakers can cost around $700 or more, depending on the location you choose. To get a more accurate estimate, use this shipping calculator.


To summarize, there are several factors to consider when shipping speakers. The main factors are the weight and location of your shipment. It is crucial to choose these aspects wisely to ship your speakers as fast as possible. Make sure to pack your floor-standing speaker properly for maximum safety and ship it out through a reliable courier service!